A few months ago I shared a post about how I’m adopting one new habit each month this year as a very peaceful and do-able way to raise my game. Since it’s now August I have a few more new habits to report on, along with results. As a catch-up, my previous habits were as follows:


January – drink more water

February – hydrate my skin

March – meditate

April – always breathe through my nose, not mouth

May – use bluelight blocking glasses after sunset

That’s where things stood as of my last post with positive results all around. As I kept going, I chose in June to adopt the habit of using peoples’ names more often, especially when meeting/greeting them and saying goodbye. And when I say their name I look them in the eye as well. I picked this one because I wrote a magazine story about a luxury hotel brand and got to go behind the scenes where I learned this is a key component of their service process. When you check in they always greet you by name and when you depart they do as well. I figured it was worth an experiment to see what happens when I do this too and Holy Cow, it is a very powerful habit. I think in part because we all rush through our days, distracted, so as a result it’s rare for someone to slow down and truly stop and see us. Saying, “Hi Mary! I am so happy to see you,” vs. “Hi!” is a big difference in how you make people feel. When someone uses your name (in a natural way), you feel more connected and present with them. Like my previous habits, this is one I am sticking with moving forward because it’s been nothing but positive and highly bonding as well.

Which brings us to July. Want to know what habit I picked in July? Okay I’ll tell you. Saying no faster. That’s what I picked. Like a lot of women, especially those in the Midwest, where I’m from, I am loathe to say no to people and I have a tendency to avoid saying it at all if I can. Which just creates unnecessary confusion and drama. So I just buckled down and got used to saying things like, “No, I am not going to be able to do that,” and “I am going to have to say no to that.” The world did not stop spinning and I am feeling a lot more clear and comfortable as a result of adopting this habit. It wasn’t as bad as I thought by a long shot.

Now that August is underway I decided to pick two habits, which is sort of naughty, but hey, it’s my program. As I have yet to pre-plan any of these habits, I find they show up organically in perfect timing. This month I started thinking about how digestion starts with our eyes and nose and then moves to the mouth, where our saliva helps to start our food breaking down, and also, the more we chew it the easier our bodies can digest everything. At least that’s what I read by various health gurus. So I’ve been focusing on really chewing my food longer than usual. That’s the first habit. The second one is to always clean the kitchen before going to bed. I did this before mostly but not 100%. This month I’ve done it 100% and even thought we’re not yet halfway through the month I can tell this one is a keeper as well because always coming down in the morning to a sparkling kitchen just starts the day on such a high note. It’s a must.

Now you’re all caught up and you can always join in with these or any other desired habits of your choosing.


Barbara Wayman, APR

Author of Living An Extraordinary Life – 9 Transformational Strategies To Live Your Best Life Now