I watched from afar as so many of my fellow athletes climbed the ranks of the NPC and IFBB. When my sister, IFBB Fitness Pro Sandy Grant, started working with Mike, I saw her jaw dropping transformation into one of the most conditioned and aesthetically sound athlete. Who was I to work with such a famous coach? I was there to help others be there best, at my own expense. I took the leap and ordered my first diet in 2006 and immediately saw incredible results.

I had ballooned up to 220lbs after a car accident and couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. I had so much body fat I experienced labored breathing, out of control blood sugar drops while managing severe depression and anxiety attacks. I had only worked with “local” trainers before that dieting me down on boiled chicken and iceberg lettuce. No one wants to live like that. After receiving & adhering to Mike’s plan, he left nothing to chance. The Nutrition & masterfully designed Cardio programs literally turned me into a fine-tuned athlete. Meals are timed to increase metabolism, fuel workouts, and make pounds of fat fall off like melting snow. The monthly workouts are so well developed that within 21 days I saw muscle definition appear beautifully full, chiselled and in all the right places.

All those dreams, hopes, goals and vision boards I looked to for inspiration now appear in the mirror. THAT made me dig deeper, fight harder, and train better. I overcame more and more excuses I had built up over the years, dismissed my past objections and limitations I had set upon myself. I started to create a more disciplined and happier person just by learning to adapt to life & integrate my training & lived my passion for competing into my life unconsciously. By continuing to strive for better, after every fall, fail and falter…I was so excited for every day to come so I could audition my new efforts for the obstacles that lay before me.

If you are looking for a beacon of light in all the dark sea of “trainers/couches/teams” mucking up the fitness industry, Mike offers clear tough love, elite training protocol and a no BS approach to looking and living like a champion. Your search stops here. The Fitness Factory is whom I put my trust into. Year after year I am provided with the ultimate experience in sound Nutritional & Workout regimen, put into simple & easy to follow instructions that are made to make me the very best. And I FEEL my best. Follow the program & Follow the Leaders that Know the Way.

Thanks again Mike & Julie. you’ve Changed my life….and been a place I can go for truth, justice and a damn good reason to get up in the morning.

-Shannon Gill