For those of you who wear makeup, have you ever added up all the time you spend opening and closing each individual makeup item you wear?

Odds are it’s not insignificant if you count foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, lip liner and lipstick. Even more if you contour or highlight your features.

A makeup artist realized she was spending way too much time opening and closing product packaging, so she designed an ingenious lifehack to streamline her work.

She created a flat, rectangular tablet-like container that’s magnetized. Then she carefully removed her makeup products from their original packages in a process called “depotting.”

After that she housed them all together in the big container so that she only needed to lift the lid and have nearly everything she uses ready for use.

It’s pretty ingenious, actually.

I just purchased one of her boxes and plan to do the depotting procedure myself shortly because I think it will save me time in the morning and help streamline my morning routine.

If you’d like to try this hack there are a few things you should know:

  1. The magnetized containers are called Z Palette and they’re available online in a variety of sizes depending on how much makeup you wear or need to access.
  2. There are specialized mini containers she’s devised for sunblock, lipstick, moisturizer and other liquids or gels so hypothetically you could store everything single thing you use in that one palette box if you wanted.
  3. Depotting is a careful procedure because most products are glued in tightly to their original packages, so to remove them you must first apply heat of some sort. It’s a good idea to Google “depotting” and watch some YouTube videos first to figure out what tools you will need to do it properly.

After that, have fun creating your own instant makeup kit that’s totally customized to your coloring and all your favorite products!

I hope this lifehack helps you shave off a few minutes every morning that you can now spend sleeping or doing something else that’s more fun than opening and closing makeup products!



Barbara Wayman, APR

Author of Living An Extraordinary Life – 9 Transformational Strategies To Live Your Best Life Now