Here is an epic self-care tip that is guaranteed to increase your energy and powers of attraction enormously. It’s the habit of building a super reserve.

What is a super reserve? It’s when you consciously create an abundance of something in order to eliminate any scarcity or fear-based thinking around that area. It’s when you decide that you deserve more than just having enough to get by.

This is not about being¬†greedy. It’s a way of living that enables a terrific life with ease and flow. For an example, this week I noticed I was out of toothpaste so I ordered more online. (That’s a self-care tip in and of itself – don’t bother going to the store for basics like toothpaste, let the store deliver them to you.)

“You never know what is enough, until you know what is more than enough.”

As I was ordering, I thought the price of toothpaste had gone up a lot since the last time, but I went ahead anyhow. When the box arrived, instead of just a few in there, there was a whole big bag of full-size products. Enough to make me go back and check the order. It turns out what I thought was a single package was actually a three-pack, so instead of three I got nine.

I will not be needing toothpaste again until 2021, which is the perfect example of a super reserve. I am rich in toothpaste. I am abundantly supplied. When I open my bathroom drawer and see it all lined up, it gives me a good feeling of being well-stocked and solidly prepared.

So that’s what I’m talking about with the super reserve concept. This example involves a physical product, but the idea applies to non-material things as well, like time, happiness, contentment, appreciation, money, etc.

Just for fun, this week why not pick a single area in which you can develop a huge reserve in less than a week? And then, once you’ve done that, double that amount of reserve just for the experience of it. See what it feels like to be abundantly supplied. Rattle your own cage just to see what happens next.

William Blake said, “You never know what is enough, until you know what is more than enough.”

Actively playing with abundance in your life is a powerful way to practice self-care and attract more of what you want.



Barbara Wayman, APR

Author of Living An Extraordinary Life Р9 Transformational Strategies To Live Your Best Life Now