Have you realized in less than 30 days we will be entering an entirely new decade? Seems kind of shocking. While no one knows what this new decade will look like, one thing is certain – we each have a say in it.

A lot of people who are into goal setting point out that if you don’t set life goals at the end of the year, you often wind up living that same year over and over.

As a lifelong learner and forever student, I’m more about evolution than repetition.

This time of year I have a lot of rituals to help me digest and appreciate my life experiences, and keep me on track moving forward. One that I wanted to share is my annual Moving Toward/Away Lists. I developed these when I noticed that important life changes happen gradually.

Like, while you may decide to stop drinking alcohol cold turkey, a lot of prior experiences went into helping you make that decision. Every day we are all receiving input that shapes who we are growing into. We may spend less time with a friend when we gradually notice we feel depleted after every encounter, or we may gradually decide to eat less dairy when we realize it tends to break us out.

Just like a single cell will always move toward things that nourish it (like vital nutrients) and away from things that harm it, (like toxins), we are the exact same. Which makes sense since we’re all just a collection of cells anyway.

When I realized that I took a piece of paper and at the top left I wrote Moving Toward and at the top right I wrote Moving Away. Then in two columns under that I just listed everything that came to mind.

It was such a clarifying exercise I’ve done it every year since and can recommend you try it. It’s a brainstorming exercise that can help you better see what’s bubbling away in your unconscious mind, and if you keep the list somewhere where you can see it regularly it will help you stay on track and manifest life changes faster.

Some examples to get you started:

Moving Toward                                                                Moving Away

Always putting my keys on a hook                           Searching everywhere for my keys

Prepping my meals on Sunday                                Buying fast food

Writing in my workouts each week                          Skipping workouts

Doing less, better                                                    Doing more, poorly

Waking up early                                                       Staying up late

Never making time for myself                                  Taking 30 minutes of “me time” every day

Reading                                                                    Scrolling social media

As you write down your desired behaviors, you will better see the changes you will need to make, which will allow you to implement them more easily.  Before the year winds down, give this exercise a try and see what you think! Maybe, like me, it will become one of your favorite annual rituals.



Barbara Wayman, APR

BlueTree Media, LLC