Want to improve your fitness and health in 2020? Your timing is perfect. Mike Davies has launched a comprehensive new app called “Mike Davies Fitness Universe.” Available on I- Tunes and Google Play for just $9.99 a month, the app is a tool to use and to share with others who are taking part in a healthy living journey.

Here’s what’s on the new app:

OPEN Q& A WITH MIKE: An open Q&A session with Mike, where you can jump on and get your specific question answered. Topics include diet, training, competing and overall health and fitness.

ACCESS TO WORKOUTS: Workouts are posted weekly. If you miss a gym session and are going at it alone, you’ll have a great workout to access and do. If you’re an internet client and need some help with new ideas and want a complete and effective workout, you can find it here as well.

ACCESS TO VIDEO LIBRARY: Over 300 exercises are on video for you to access, see, and use to better or build your own workouts. THE CARDIO BOSS has its very own section of exercises that pertain only to those utilized in the apps programs

RANTS AND A FEATURE CALLED “MINUTE WITH MIKE:” Not only will you get some epic FB rants reincarnated for your entertainment, but you’ll be exposed to some new ones as well. In the spirit of the rant we will also have a segment called “Minute with Mike”. I’ll seriously give a topic or situation a minute of my mind.

JOURNEYS: This will be more of a documentary type feature in the app. Mike will be documenting my own journey. Starting January 1, Mike will for the first time put himself out there and share some of the day to day struggles. He will be trying to balance his crazy schedule, his business that includes 185+ gym clients, 700+ internet clients, his competition team, the Arnold Amateur, Ohio State Championships, family life that includes raising three little ones and being a mentor to his older sons, all while trying to recapture his health and youth.

Mike Davies Fitness Universe also offers diet plans, cardio plans, bootcamp videos and videos demonstrating proper training form. It will be an evolving project that will involve input from users and Fitness Factory clients. Download the app today and begin your own fitness journey with support and expert guidance.



Barbara Wayman, APR