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  • These ’10-Year Challenge’ Fitness Transformations Prove Everyone Starts Somewhere
    If you love a transformation, then you hit the motherlode over the past few days. Thanks to the viral "10-year challenge" (sometimes referred to as the "How hard did aging hit you?" challenge-harsh), everyone's posting a 2019 photo alongside one from 10 years ago to their social media. Some are ... read more
    Source: – FitnessPublished on 2019-06-20
  • This Gym Is Under Fire for Sending Its Members a Horrifying Body-Shaming Email
    Twitter is currently roasting Anytime Fitness for a promotional email the gym sent to its members, Yahoo Lifestyle reports. The email, which was sent from the gym's Manchester, Connecticut location, encouraged members to "be comfortable in your skin." The message, however, had the opposite effect on recipients—namely, former gym member Mora Reinka. ... read more
    Source: – FitnessPublished on 2019-06-20
  • Heat Stroke Vs. Heat Exhaustion—A Doctor Explains the Difference
    Your body is like a thermostat: It's constantly working to regulate your temperature, making sure you don't get too hot or too cold. It usually does a pretty good job of staying as close to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit as possible (obviously way higher than the thermostat in your home), but ... read more
    Source: – FitnessPublished on 2019-06-18
  • This Is the Best Kind of Exercise, According to Jillian Michaels
    Exercise can be just as polarizing as diet, with one camp claiming steady-state cardio is best for weight loss, while others swear by intense intervals of, say, weight lifting. Thankfully our girl Jillian Michaels is here to clear things up for Crossfitters and power walkers alike. “The best kind of ... read more
    Source: – FitnessPublished on 2019-06-11
  • This 30-Day Arms Challenge Will Transform Your Upper Body In Just 4 Weeks
    Tank-top season is on the horizon, and it’s time to get your arms ready for the big reveal. This workout will help strengthen and tone you from your shoulders down to your wrists, while upping your muscular endurance. What’s more, we’ve also snuck in a little bit of core and ... read more
    Source: – FitnessPublished on 2019-06-10


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