In addition to being the reigning Miss Ohio Bikini champion, Lauren Ashbaugh is also a personal trainer at Metro Fitness Worthington, under the direction of Mike Davies Fitness. Read on to learn more about Lauren:

How did you get into bodybuilding?

Long story short, after I had my daughter when I was 18, I went through a deep depression. Lost my motivation to get out of bed, lost my appetite, and felt like I had lost a part of myself. I felt like I had lost who I was. I was a twig, losing weight that I couldn’t afford to lose because of my depression and lack of motivation. I basically lost all of my friends after I became pregnant. It was just me, my husband and our little girl. I was a waitress at the time and wanted more for myself and for my daughter. I needed a change. I started lifting at Metro Fitness in Worthington with one of Mike’s trainers and my entire view on life changed. I began to see hope. Change. A change I desperately needed. My energy levels went up. Mike Davies helped me with my nutrition and I quickly started to gain healthy weight. Once I became completely addicted to the lifestyle we started to put me on the stage in bodybuilding competitions and the rest is history!

What competitions have you done so far?

My first show was the Ohio State Championships. I went on to compete in the Arnold Amateur, The Natural Ohio, Mike Francois, back to the Ohio State Championships & the Kentucky Muscle!

What do you like about competing?

Competing demands discipline. It demands self control. It demands excellence. I love watching my discipline, self control and work ethic transform my body into machine. I’m a competitive person – I’ve always loved sports. Competing is a way I can keep that aspect in my life as an adult as well as have a like minded community around me daily. 

What kind of people do you train?

I train people who are looking to get in shape, lose/gain weight (depending on their goals), gain muscle and/or want to live healthy active lives!

What do you like about training people?

I love not only watching people’s physical transformations, but their mental transformations as well. Fitness has a ripple effect on people’s lives and it’s awesome to see that spill over! 

If someone was thinking about coming to train with you what should they know/expect?

Each session is around 30-45 minutes long. I usually incorporate cardio along with lifting in each session depending on the individuals goals and needs.

Those wishing to contact Lauren Ashbaugh for training should call Metro Fitness Worthington at (614) 431-9999.





Barbara Wayman, APR