I’ve been consistently lifting weights for close to a decade and one thing I’ve noticed about people who lift weights is that they’re very selective about what goes into their bodies.

In terms of diets, there are a gazillion Internet articles, Instagram experts and just epic reams of information that break down macros, meal timing, types of diets and every other tiny little thing related to food.

Yet what I don’t see is that kind of attention being paid to other things we put in our bodies, namely the entertainment, social media, relationships and thoughts we consume each day.

I tend to lump all of those things into a category called “inputs.” They’re the things we digest mentally and emotionally. They alter our mood, shape our reality, and absorb our time.

If you want to live your best life, it only makes sense to pay as close attention to what you put in your mind as what you put in your body.

If you watch a gory, violent movie, not only have you wasted two hours but if it leaves you feeling icky and disturbed, you’ve now ruined an entire evening for yourself for no good reason.

If watching the news leaves you feeling outraged and helpless, why are you doing it? Surely there are other, more empowering ways to stay informed.

When I made a decision to elevate all my inputs, I noticed my life got a lot more peaceful. I’ve learned to recognize specific sources of bad vibes in life and I simply avoid them.

Maybe the next time you find yourself feeling stressed or ill at ease, take a moment and notice who you’re with and what you’re doing. Elevated inputs lead to a healthier life.



Barbara Wayman, APR

Author of Living An Extraordinary Life – 9 Transformational Strategies To Live Your Best Life Now