Do you ever feel like you desire some direction, or you need to digest some life experiences and until you do all that energy is just swirling around inside you? I’ve got something that can totally help with that.

It’s a journal. I bought one last year and I cannot tell you how much I love this thing, just to write down my thoughts, make lists, brainstorm ideas, track my wins…there are so many ways you can use it in your day-to-day life.

If you choose one with a hardcover and quality lined paper it will feel nice and luxe, sending your subconscious a message that your thoughts are of value. A secret little tip that I do is to take scissors and cut off the bottom right corner after you fill the page, so that you can always open it right up to a fresh new page and go to town.

Some people like to start their day just writing down whatever comes to mind for a set period of time. Others like to record aspects of their day, like progress toward a key goal or things they’re grateful for. Naturally bodybuilders or those who like to keep fit sometimes track their meals and water intake, as a way to stay accountable to their diet plans. But you could also list your intentions for the day, to help you focus on them and ignore distractions.

Do you like to journal? I find it really helps me organize my thoughts and plans. It clears my head and clarifies my thinking. There are lots of other great and cute blank journals you can buy and they are widely available online at every price point. Maybe give it a try and see what you think.


Barbara Wayman, APR

BlueTree Media, LLC

Author of  Living An Extraordinary Life – 9 Transformational Strategies To Live Your Best Life Now