Have you noticed at nail salons they tend to offer manicures at different levels? Like for a lower price they will do a basic manicure. Or for a bit more they will include a scrub and massage. The highest one has all of that plus maybe a paraffin dip and glass of wine.

The level trend has caught on because it provides options. Sometimes you’re in a rush and just want basic grooming but other times you want alllllllll the pampering.

It got me thinking. I love the scrub so much – it feels really¬†good and it leaves my hands so soft and scented…I thought, “why don’t I keep a jar of scrub next to my sink and use it regularly on my hands?”

So I did! I found one with an intoxicating rose scent that comes in a big pot so it’s easy to dip your fingers in, remove a bit and then massage all over your hands. Not only does it leave them soft and great smelling, it also has an unexpected benefit of slowing me down in that moment, as I fully feel and experience the tactile massage of the sugar grains. You can buy a brand of your choice or make your own. Selecting your favorite scent will make the experience even more personal and pleasurable.

Super simple and easy to do! I recommend it for happy winter hands.

Barbara Wayman, APR


Author of Living An Extraordinary Life Р9 Transformational Strategies To Live Your Best Life Now