Ah morning – the colorful sunrise, the promise of a fresh day ahead, the refreshment of a full night’s sleep. These elements can be part of a routine morning but for many, their day starts feeling sleepy, rushed, chaotic and stressed.

If you’re ready to uplevel your morning routine, it’s going to start with some new habits and routines – ones that instill energy and peace instead of pressure and rushing around. Here are some ideas to try:

Start the night before – Oftentimes the things that have us rushing in the morning can be handled before you ever go to bed. Set up your coffee station. Select your outfit and lay out your clothes. Pack your lunch. Set aside your gym bag and/or work materials so everything is ready to go. By thinking ahead you’ll never face a mad scramble in your closet or kitchen as the minutes tick down.

Wake up earlier —  Sometimes the only way you can experience ease in your morning it to straight up create more time by getting up earlier. This might mean you need to change your whole routine by going to bed earlier, but do you really need to spend an hour scrolling Instagram every night anyway? When you rise long before you need to leave the house, you suddenly have time to enjoy a hot beverage, watch a sunrise, meditate, putter, or tend to little tasks that keep you feeling centered and balanced. There’s a reason being an early riser has been mentioned repeatedly in self-development books as a life-changing habit.

De-Pot your makeup – if you’re not a beauty guru you may never have heard of this, but a  makeup artist invented a magnetic case in which you can put each individual pan of your powder, blush, concealer, eyeshadows and the like after you pop them out of their original containers. You can Google more about how to do it. It’s a huge timesaver because you no longer need to handle, open and close all the different makeup products you use. You only need to open up the case, apply each product and then close it up again.

Program your mind – successful people know the importance of constantly feeding their mind positive information and messages. Whether you read a chapter of a favorite book, listen to a podcast on your commute, post your goals up on the wall or repeat a mantra that empowers you, taking a few moments to set up a powerful mindset will pay dividends throughout your day.

Include kindness – Humans are hardwired to respond favorably to kind acts, and depending on your domestic situation, a daily show of kindness could be making your mate his/her favorite coffee, playing with your pet, sharing a daily joke with your kids or just doing something kind for yourself. If you’re not sure where to start, ask the people close to you what small acts of service they would most appreciate. It might not be what you think!

Once you’ve created helpful and healthy morning habits, you’ve set the tone for a productive and purposeful day ahead.



Barbara Wayman, APR

Author of Living An Extraordinary Life – 9 Transformational Strategies To Live Your Best Life Now