Everyone has heard about the spiral of shame but no one’s ever heard about the spiral of success. I know no one has because I just made that term up. But it’s a real thing. And it has everything to do with personal transformation.

Allow me to clarify:

You know how in a spiral of shame one bad decision opens up a door to a flood of self-recrimination which leads to low feelings and the next thing you know you’re self-soothing with a half gallon of vanilla ice cream or isolating yourself in your jammies? There’s a snowball effect to our emotions and one bad day can drag us down into a gloomy week or perhaps even longer.

But guess what? That process works in both directions!

Let me give you an example: say that you’re feeling pretty blah about yourself so you go to this incredible hair stylist. She envisions a totally different you and has the skills to bring that vision to life. Your spirit lifts as you take in this fresh new style and then, when you go out in the world, you receive compliments, which makes you stand up straighter and start to think about new wardrobe pieces that would better suit the new hair color. Now you’re strutting the avenue in your new ensemble, feeling like a million bucks and you totally forgot why you were so blah before.

There’s a give-and-take to making positive life changes because they tend to receive others’ notice which produces momentum and the energy to keep going. It’s cool.

The Spiral of Success is especially applicable in the sport bodybuilding because it takes a while for your physique to show the results of your efforts. You must do the work steadily until one day, others start to notice and comment, which typically affects how you feel about continuing on the challenging path you’ve chosen.

My image of a success spiral is a tornado. A “tornado of success” because it’s a spiral that moves upwards with great power. And yes, tornadoes are destructive, but in this metaphor, it’s only destroying your self-limiting beliefs and crappy habits that are trapping you in resistance. Spirals move in more than one direction, and while it isn’t always easy to do, the upwards one is a lot more fun.


Barbara Wayman, APR

BlueTree Media, LLC

Author of  Living An Extraordinary Life – 9 Transformational Strategies To Live Your Best Life Now