I’ll admit it – when facial wipes first came on the scene, I was a hater. Big time.

As a stickler for washing my face before bed no matter what, I scorned the value in a simple wipe that would barely scratch the surface in removing make-up, dirt, oil and grime. What’s the point?

And so for a long time, I never bought them. But then someone gave me a package as a gift.

Now I faced a conundrum. Do I toss them or figure out a way to incorporate them into my skincare routine?

I chose the latter option and now I am so glad I did.

While I maintain my initial position that wipes are not a good substitute for actually washing your face with water and a cleaning product, wipes really are great for removing the surface gunk BEFORE you lather up.

That’s how I use them. At the end of the day when I’m ready to wash off all my make-up, I got over it with a wipe first.

Psychologically it’s very satisfying because you see all the makeup on the wipe as you go.

And in practical terms, your cleanser is going to clean deeper now that it doesn’t have to go through all that product to get to your skin.

Color me reformed. Wipes are also great for removing sweat after your workout, tossing in your travel bag for handy cleansing on the go and adding moisture to your skin if you look for ingredients like squalane, aloe vera or argan oil.

I still would never recommend using a wipe in lieu of actually washing your face, but it is a very luxurious and fun first step of the process.

And I suppose in a pinch if you were absolutely exhausted and simply could not force yourself to wash your face, a quick wipe down is better than just sleeping in your make-up all night long.

There isn’t a specific brand I recommend, but as a general rule, look for ones that are gentle and do not have alcohol as an ingredient, which can dry out your skin.

Also, remember that wipes often contain preservatives and chemicals to help them dissolve make-up products, so be sure to always at least rinse your face with water after using them, as those ingredients are not ideal.

Wipes are cheap and readily available, so maybe explore a few options to decide on the brand that makes a positive difference for your skin.

Barbara Wayman, APR

Author of Living An Extraordinary Life – 9 Transformational Strategies To Live Your Best Life Now