Let’s face it, coffee is amazing. So is tea. So is red wine. And don’t even get me started on blueberries. Yet all these delicious foods have a downside. They all cause staining of our teeth. And who wants stained teeth?

I recently researched and tested a method of at-home whitening that was so effective, I wanted to share it. All you need are two things you probably already have around the house: baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. When you read online there are various ways to use these two items, but I will tell you how I did it. I poured some baking soda into the palm of my hand and then added some hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. It is not going to be a 50-50 ration. More a like an 80-20, baking soda to hydrogen peroxide mixture. You don’t want it all wet and drippy because what you’re going to do next is take your finger and apply the paste all over your teeth, covering them in a thick coat all the way around. It will be messy but that’s okay, just use water and rinse off your lips so you don’t feel any tingles. Then I let the mixture sit there for five minutes before rinsing my mouth and brushing with my favorite toothpaste. The difference it made in lifting stains was noticeable and definitely more effective than any whitening toothpaste or strips I’ve ever tried.

I did look online for any negative effects of this treatment but could not find any. The only caveat people say is to not do it too often, just maybe once a week until you’ve reached your preferred stage of white. The other varieties of using these two products to whiten teeth I found were that some people left the mixture in place for 20 minutes or they put the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide on top of their toothpaste on a brush and slowly brushed for two minutes before rinsing. If you try it that way also stick to just once a week max.

So, there you go. Kick off fall with a whiter smile, because that’s something everyone likes. Happy whitening!



Barbara Wayman, APR

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